Registration and Reception (light breakfast provided)

        Poster Gallery open with Demos   

Abbott Lobby


Morning Plenary Session:

        Welcome and Opening Remarks - Mark Dunn

        The Employee Experience - Kelley Stuck

       Using Telemedicine to Improve the Patient Experience - Dr. Karen Rheuban

Abbott Auditorium


Morning Breakouts

Various Classrooms



        Poster Gallery open

Abbott Dining


Fast Breakouts

Various Classrooms


Afternoon Breakouts

Various Classrooms


Coffee and Cookie Break

        Poster Gallery open

Abbott Lobby


Afternoon Plenary Session

         Innovation and the Human Experience - Michael Straightiff

         Leadership and the University Experience - Allan Stam

         Building a Better University Experience - Pat Hogan       

Abbott Auditorium


Happy Hour (optional)

Abbott Lobby

Note:  The Abbott Lobby will feature a Poster Gallery featuring many programs and initiatives throughout the day.  During the times listed as open on the agenda, someone will be present to answer your questions.  Additionally, there will be demonstrations of Office 365 and University Business Intelligence before the conference begins and during the Fast Breakout session after lunch.


Breakout Sessions

Morning Session (10:15-11:30)



Kevin Duvall & Doug Miller

Making Good Things Happen for Others: The Qualtrics Story - Come hear about how people came together, combining experiences and resources, to deliver an University-wide survey solution. Session participants will expect to walk away with a better understanding of Qualtrics, how to use the tool in ways outside the scope of traditional survey products, and the tools and mindset we used to make the University-wide Qualtrics license happen.

Ron Hutchins, Johann Reinicke, Forrest Swope & Shenika Knox

Data Strategy:  Want to do data analytics?  Consider establishing a solid data strategy first in order to create a platform for success.  Hear examples of how this is relevant in current projects on Grounds, such as ResearchUVA and the Managerial Reporting Project.

Joe Fore

Effective written business communication:  UVA Law School professor, Joe Fore, will walk you through what makes effective emails and written communication.  This will be a hands-on session to critique and create various writing samples.

Sarah Collie & Lee Baszczewski

Facilitating Collaboration: Techniques to Engage Groups for Better Results!  Conventional meetings often limit participation and engagement.  Learn approaches that you can use every day to build connections, gain insights, and elicit innovative ideas.  This experiential session will introduce you to several techniques that provide everyone a voice and leverage collective knowledge and wisdom.

Sean Jackson and panelists Brooke Link, Mike Danzi, Adam Griggs, Dr. Tracey Hoke, & Eric Shields LEAN:  More than just a buzz word.  Understand LEAN methodology and how your colleagues are using it to eliminate waste and improve processes.
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Fast Breakout (1:00-1:30)



Kari Evans As UVA enters its third century, find out what's going on across Grounds with this presentation on the Bicentennial.
John D'Earth

Learning What Jazz Has to Teach - improvisation and planning; solo work and teamwork; multiple strengths and multiple roles. UVA’s Director of Jazz Performance, John D’earth, presents life-lessons learned from 100 years of American Jazz, with trumpet!

Rachel Nauman & Peg Broadhurst

The Power of Personal Connection:  Rachel Nauman, Nurse Manager Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, will tell her story of making a personal connection with the mother of a patient via Leader Rounding and how that connection impacted both Mom and Rachel.  Rachel and Peg Broadhurst, Patient Experience Analyst, will explain how Leader Rounding is part of our larger Inpatient Experience Bundle, a set of purposeful staff/patient interactions designed to reduce the suffering experienced by our patients and their families and how we measure that impact with our patient experience measurement tools.

Arlyn Burgess

Data Data Everywhere.  Learn about the interesting problems that UVA's Data Science Institute is trying to solve, and what the future holds for data analytics.
Teresa Wimmer

Workday Demonstration:  The Ufirst project is charged with transformation of Human Resources and implementing a new technology to improve the way you experience HR at UVA. The Ufirst project mission: to deliver a high level of coordinated services supported by a best in class, cloud-based technology. Join the Ufirst Technology Team to preview the HR technology that will change the way you do HR work at UVA. 

Poster Gallery Take a breather after lunch and visit the poster gallery.  Enjoy a demonstration of Office 365 from 1-1:15 and a demonstration of University Business Intelligence (UBI) from 1:15-1:30.
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Afternoon Session (1:45-3:00)



Shannon Wampler & Matt Shelton Data Stories:  Data visualization is becoming a critical component in telling a story.  Join a data visualization practioner and an art professor as they break down the meaning of conveying a message through images.
Theran Fisher Emotional Intelligence:  How to manage the ups and downs of your emotions and that of others for effective professional and personal development.

Jane Fletcher, Tod Cohen & Pie Dumas       

From Dull to Dynamic: How to Be a Better Speaker:  In this session, you will learn how to connect better with people when you speak, how to deliver your message and be understood, and how and why to use less industry jargon.  You'll also get the chance to practice crafting and delivering an inspiring elevator speech!

Teresa Miller                                                           

Mindfulness at work:  Understand the business impact of mindfulness and implement practices at work.
Carey Reinicke, Jessica Rafter, & Ted Gayle Communities of Practice:  Three practitioners share how they built employee affinity groups through technology and community.

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